Katsunori Kato


美容家 : 加藤 功章

エグゼクティブ・ディレクター | Natural Beauty Consultant

┃ Biography




  • 1987: 大阪市内、チャーリーブラウン美容室に勤務
  • 1990: パーマデザイン・コンクール:優勝
  • 1991: カット&スタイリング・コンクール:優秀賞
  • 1992: カット&スタイリング・コンクール:優秀賞
  • 1993: 独立し、美容室、フリーランスのヘア・メイクアップ事務所「FABBY ORGANICS」を設立
  • 1993: デザイン事務所「FABBY Desing」をスタート
  • 1994: ヘア&メイクアップ・グランプリに選ばれる: ヘアモード社
  • 1994: イギリス・ケンブリッジ CB-ACADEMY Salon & Education でフレンチカット及びサロンワーク、トータルデザインを学ぶ:8 Sussex Street Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • 1995: 新進デザイナー・コレクション Passage Vingt et un CREATORs COLLECTION:ヘア&メイクアップ (藤井大丸)
  • 2012: NYコレクション / BRADELIS New York のヘア&メイクアップ:NEW YORK
  • 2012: 北インドへ・・・ヘナの産地、取引工場調査:Northern India
  • 2014: レイキ・マスター・ステージ3:修了
  • 2014: シロアビヤンガ・ヘッドセラピーコース全過程を取得:Kyoto
  • 2014: 南インドへ・・・インディゴ農場調査:Dakshina Nad
  • 2014: 南インド・ケーララにて・・・アビヤンガ・ヘッドセラピーコース+アビヤンガセラピーコース全過程を取得:Dakshina Nad
  • 2015: Access The Bars アクセスバーズ:バーズプラクティショナー
  • 2017: コスメティックブランド・オイル美容液「茜椿」発表:茜椿
  • 2020: 個展 Clytie / 加藤功章 写真展


Using essential oils, a carrier oil, including dried herbs and henna only natural plant ingredients, and also pull out the beauty of the female original person himself has to be a beauty that takes into account the health of mind and body and environment Holistic beauty Starting with salon work, and work and workshops lectures suggestions

Including the collection line of shows and advertising, I deal with hair make-up of Mika OGGI model and actress Ichikawa Miwako, such as Rie-hu singer.

Works: Ehime junior college, Orbis, Calcium, GOLD FLAG Co.,Ltd., Aeon, Saty, Mycal. Savvy, Samsonite, Panasonic, Beauty Eye, Hujiidaimaru, Hair Mode, Ryukotushin, Some of Collection and more.

FABBY ORGANICS thinks that Natural Beauty is the most important pillar in our life.
I would like each person to prosper in their fundamental physical and mental health.
The body is born, but our spirit is formed by our immediate surrounding environment.
Chemicals in the products we use damage that environment and consequently our spirit.
For the sake of our inner beauty we need to be careful about what we do to this environment.
Together with you, FABBY ORGANICS brings out the beauty you never knew you had in you.


Cut lecturer
Make up lecturer

  • 1987: Commenced work as a full time hair and make-up artist at Charly Brown Hair Salon in Osaka City
  • 1990: Won first plase in the Kinki Area Permanent Wave Design Championship.
  • 1991: Won second place for Excellent Work in the Kansai Area Cut and Style Contest.
  • 1992: Won third place for Excellent Work in the Kansai Area Cut and Style Contest.
  • 1993: Joined CCA officer in 1997 and started guest lecturing on hair design and make up techniques.
  • 1994: Won the Grand Pix in the Hair Mode Hair and Make up contest.
  • 1994: Studied hair styling at CB Academy in Cambridge, England.
  • 1995: Started freelance work as a My Salon.
  • 1995: Additionally started freelance work as a comercial arttist.
  • 1995: Passage Vingt et un CREATORs COLLECTION; Hair and make up in Kyoto
  • 2000: Joined GIALLA, privete group of professional hair and make up artists.
  • 2012: NY COLLECTION for BRADELIS NEW YORK; Hair and make up in NY
  • 2012: Production center of henna, traded farm and factory survey in Northern India.
  • 2014: I graduated to REIKI Master, Final stage
  • 2014: The head massage Therapy course (Shiroabhyanga) the whole process obtain in Kyoto.
  • 2014: Production center of Indigo, traded farm and factory survey in Dakshina Nad.
  • 2014: The head and back massage Therapy course (Shiroabhyanga and Abhyanga) the whole process obtain in Kerala Dakshina Nad.

Henna & Natural Beauty

Together with you,
FABBY ORGANICS brings out the beauty you never knew you had in you.